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We are people in the people business. is a community that supports aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned entrepreneurs, start-ups, solopreneurs, and any inquisitive person ready to learn more and speak about making money.
We support the mission of and with that we launched our speaker’s platform to assist speakers from ideation of becoming a paid speaker through becoming a more seasoned speaker earning the money deserved.
We have created this speaking opportunity to enrich the feedback, knowledge, and dos and don’ts about passive income, business or being an entrepreneur shared from everyday people.
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We want to attract beginners and seasoned speakers to our speaking platform. We want to inspire you to be the most influential, visionary of academics, industrial leader, entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, and educator amongst all your peers aimed at enriching passive income, business, and entrepreneurial knowledge. We want to support you becoming a PAID Speaker!
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A diverse collection of people with different networking, reflection, inspiring new ideas, and provoking discussion topics about entrepreneurship, making money, and/or passive income.
This includes but not limited to the following:
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