Do all applicants get the opportunity to be a speaker?

No. We select the speakers based on demand to include day/times needed.

Are speakers paid?


How are speakers paid?

Direct Deposits are generally posted within 5 days after the speaking event is complete

Do speakers have to be an ebooksentrepreuer.com customer?

Yes. The speaking opportunities are exclusive to ebooksentreprenuer.com customers or identified customers from other eBooks partners.

Is previous speaking experience required?

No. We welcome beginners and veterans.

Where are the speaking events/episodes broadcasted?

At a minimum your speaking session will be on our YouTube channel.  If it is a coordinated in-person event other disclosures may apply

Why do ebooksentreprenur.com accept new speakers/beginners?

When developing curriculum, we strive to provide balanced programming that meets a diverse variety of skill levels, interest levels, and perspectives.  We believe constituents, quality speakers and instructors of the highest caliber who represent the diverse backgrounds and experience must be given the opportunity to start somewhere.

Do speakers have to submit a speakers application form?

Yes, we will conduct a 1-1 interview with our speakers.

Do speakers have to travel?

No. But we host events and may offer a speaking session to our speakers.

Are speakers only covering the purchased product?

No. In fact, the speaker is expected to cover a MAXIMUM of 1 minute to cover feedback, insight, or specific knowledge about the purchased product.

What are the speaking Categories?

Drop Shipping, Working from Home, Real Estate, $10K Blueprints, Marketing, Solopreneur, Affiliate Marketing

How do you know if you were selected to be a speaker?

You will receive a phone call and/or email for the 1-1 preparation interview.

How often are speakers needed?

We host, support, or sponsor multiple events, educational series, and webinars throughout the year. We aim to bring together private, corporate, government representatives, women-business owners, veterans, and business leaders from across the world for networking and development opportunities.

Can you reschedule your speaking day/time?

Yes, send an email to reschedule@ebooksentrepreneur.com

Can the selected speaker have others join the recording?

No. The ebooksentreprenur.com speaker is the only person under contract for the speaking event. Depending on the need family and friends can join as bystanders.